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Holm Oak Charcoal for Restaurants

At King Guru, we offer the finest quality Holm oak charcoal for sale. It comes from the dense, hard, aromatic hardwood of the Holm Oak tree. What makes this hardwood popular is its long burn characteristics, which make it a perfect fit for wood-fired oven cooking. 

Our Holm Oak for sale is sourced sustainably from Spanish forests and it’s guaranteed to add flavour to grilled food without unwanted odors or chemical traces. 

Whether you need to sear food within a few seconds, enjoy Solo Stove bonfire heat food quickly, infuses dishes with a smoky aroma, bake a perfect pizza or caramelise natural sugars, our Holk Oak charcoal is ideal for all cooking scenarios. 

It’s also considered a restaurant charcoal UK, as it gives the perfect aromatic, smoky flavour that most restaurant chefs desire in their BBQ or grilled meals. Since King Guru strives to blend modern techniques with traditional live-fire cooking. We have a wide range of cooking fuel for various types of cooking methods and environments.

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