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Every restaurant thrives on the quality of its products, its people and the tools they use to craft the fine foods their customers love.

Cooking over charcoal and fire is a great way to do that, but we understand it comes with a range of unique challenges. You need reliability; performance and you need quality, all at a price that will compete.

There can’t be exceptions and forget about compromise, that’s why Charcoal Guru take obsessive levels of care to provide the best customer service and the best quality fuels for your menu...

It doesn’t matter whether you craft the finest artisan kebabs, work the most popular grill in town or stand proudly at the busiest mobile catering unit of the summer season, we can help you deliver the aromas, flavours and textures your customers love.
- By delivering the finest quality charcoals and woods exactly when and where you need them.

Charcoal guru Marabu charcoal


Charcoal guru Marabu
Holm Oak Charcoal

We partner with restaurants and more...

If your business shares our love of live fire cooking, you know that premium quality charcoal brings out the true flavours of your menu.

But all too often that premium quality comes with a premium price tag...

Charcoal Guru is a different kind of animal; we work hard to source the best and pride ourselves on our ability to supply steadily and reliably. Our quotes always aim to be competitive so feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you.

We are part of the King Guru brand, if you have specific requirements for your food business, whether that’s premium quality charcoal, the very best kiln-dried firewood, briquettes or something special for the outdoor dining area, there will definitely be a Guru for you!


From the finest fires, to artisan flavours that everyone will remember, the best kiln dried logs are the secret. The right one is the one you want to use again and again.

With nothing added just the highest quality charcoals "Welcome to the home of live-fire cooking"