Fire Guru

Fire Guru

We know a thing or two about what makes wood, good!
At Fire Guru, our kiln dried logs are heat treated to the core, with moisture content of below 20%. That means more energy, less smoke and, whether you are celebrating, warming or cooking; a premium quality wood that burns longer for less, with no chemicals or unwanted odours.

Our product range covers more than premium kiln dried firewood, we offer briquettes, kindling and a whole host of other products designed to help make your memories burn just as brightly. Welcome to Fire Guru, part of the King Guru family and the home of premium quality firewood.

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Lighting a Fire

1. If you’re outdoors, always ensure the wind is at your back; this will shield your fire from the wind and ensure flames are blowing away from you. Pay attention to trees and branches close-by and always have a way to extinguish the fire should you need to.

2. Place a small amount of kindling into a triangular shape around your tinder, this goal here is to enable the kindling to catch fire easily, so leaving space for air to circulate is important.

3. Your kiln dried logs form the fuel for the fire, which type of fire you build will govern where you place them. In a wood burning stove for example, stacking them in a square can be ideal, teepee shaped structures can work well for firepit s or either side of your kindling in pizza ovens allows them to burn hotter for longer to create amazing food.

4. Stay attentive to your fire, whether it is in a hearth, a bonfire, BBQ or oven. Never leave them unattended and never leave pets or children alone when any fire is lit.


From the finest fires, to artisan flavours that everyone will remember, the best kiln dried logs are the secret. The right one is the one you want to use again and again.