Pizza Logs

With several years in the industry, King Guru is leading the way to offer premium-quality pizza logs for sale in the United Kingdom. We aim at providing the highest quality firewood products at the most competitive rates along with outstanding customer service. 

Sustainable and Faster-Ignition

We passionately source our firewood from sustainable resources. Our team of experts also checks the quality of the logs to ensure the highest-grade material. 

Every day we provide high-quality pizza logs with 10 percent moisture to various businesses and homes in the UK. Due to less moisture content, our logs ignite faster than conventional firewood.  

Explore our Products

Our premium pizza logs offer a convenient and stylish way to cook perfect food for families. Besides our pizza logs, you can even explore our range of outdoor furniture UK to help you create a perfect family atmosphere anywhere you desire. 

For now, explore our range of pizza logs here. 

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