Solo Stove Range

Best Solo Stove Bonfire in UK

King Guru offers portable and versatile Solo Stove range to let you enjoy fireside experiences at home or on trips. Integrated with patented technology, these stylish and functional fire pits leave no smoke and negligible ash residue.

Solo Stove bonfire pit boasts Signature 360° Airflow feature. It super-heats air for burning off the smoke even before the burnt smell gets to your hair and clothes. So, the users can enjoy the amazing warmth of a fire without dealing with teary eyes or a “post-fire” smell.

Ultra Portable

The Solo Stove products are ultra-portable, so you can easily relocate or transport them to any place you desire. Using these stoves, it’s easier to relish smokeless adventures no matter where you go. Be it tailgating, camping, or partying at the beach, you can make the most of Solo Stove products. It is easier to pack up these fire pits in a carry case and get going for your camping or road trip.

Long Lasting

Consisting of 304 stainless steel, our range of Solo Stove bonfire UK is highly durable, extremely lightweight, and won’t disrupt with ultra-hot flame’s pressure. When ignited, These products are perfect for enhancing your experiences - whether you are in the backcountry, in the backyard, or tailgating. Plus, it comes with a warranty and is claimed to last a lifetime.


Elevate your open-flame experience with Solo Stove’s range of accessories. The products come with a safety Shield and Stand, a Cast-Iron Cooktop for a family cookout, and a Heat Detector for a warm night sitting around the fire.

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Check out our extensive range of Solo Stove products and other BBQ accessories UK. We have all the right gears to fulfill the needs of every BBQ enthusiast.

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