King Guru offers the finest quality Marabu charcoal for longer and slower burning with lesser smoke around you. The best part is that these get ready to cook in 30 minutes and burn well for around three hours. This makes it ideal for larger-scale events or restaurants. 

100-percent Natural Marabu Charcoal

Made using 100-percent natural marabou, it is premium quality lump wood charcoal that’s sourced sustainably and ethically from Thorn bush species. 

Marabu UK has grown in popularity in both professional and home kitchens or outdoor cooking due to its slow-roasting ability. It consists of zero chemicals or additives, hence is likely to last all evening. 

Withstands Challenging Weather

Our cooking charcoals with topsoil bulk bags are developed to ignite even in challenging weather, without loss of quality. Whether you want to use them for barbecuing, live fire cooking, or simply igniting the fire for an outdoor firepit, these are good for different setups. 

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