Bean Bags

Refilling Bean Bags

Is your bean bag becoming flat? Well, bean bags tend to shrink over time. Therefore, you need to invest in the best quality bean bag refill beads to keep your furniture topped up and appearing fresh at all times. 

Our bean bag filling is brilliant for bringing life back to your bean bag. To top up your current bean bag, you also need to invest in one or two such bags. For a complete filling, you even need more. Since every bean bag has its unique shape and requirement, the one-size-fits-all option is not viable for it. 

However, by refilling bean bags with our premium bean bag refill beads, you can easily fill up your comfy outdoor furniture UK with ease. Furthermore, our product is also Fire Retardent Additive (FRA) as per the latest specification Polymated FRA.  

Our bean bag refill bead size ranges from 2 - 8 mm in diameter. Plus, the nominal density is 10kg/m3. 

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