Life feels better while sitting around a burning fire pit on a chilly evening. To enhance your experience, King Guru offers cutting-edge kiln dried firewood. Our firewood products are dried for an extra long to ensure moisture content is present there. Hence, it lights up easily and burns for a longer time. 

Being the top firewood suppliers UK, we ensure that our firewood is mold and pest-free to create less smoke. So, you can enjoy a wonderful experience of relaxing around a warm fire with your loved ones. 

We offer ready-to-burn certified kiln dried firewood for sale. Our firewood comes with the UK Government stamp and is sourced from FSC-approved sustainable woodlands. 

Reasons to Choose Our Kiln Dried Firewood


Our wood fuel comes from premium hardwood tree species, dried to low moisture content (less than 18 percent). Further, the dried logs are cut to the right sizes to easily fit most pizzas ovens, wood-burning stoves, and pizza ovens. 


The need for choosing FSC-approved sustainable forest lands and UK Government stamps is to offer a recognized quality standard to our products. Our ready-to-burn firewood has been proven and tested to meet the necessary standards for your firepit or stove.


Our wood fuel, including firewood and fire briquettes, is free from unwanted contaminants. Our products also have the right moisture levels. It ensures that our hardwood logs are non-damaging to not only your devices and the environment. 


Our woodlands are well harvested and managed sustainably. It ensures we maintain environmental diversity while producing our wood fuels locally. 

Check out our range of superior dried firewood products to find the right type of wood fuel for your stove, fire pit, and pizza oven.


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