Log Stores

Looking for the right outdoor firewood storage options? At King Guru, we offer various log stores in different sizes - small, medium, and large. The stunning outdoor log stores are ideal for keeping wood logs safely and keeping them protected from unwanted weather conditions. 

Premium Quality Outdoor Log Stores

Our products consist of Scandinavian Redwood that’s fully treated with commercial oil-based preservatives. Our products also come with FFC Certification, hence these are an ideal addition to your home. 
Our premium quality wooden log stores are not just an efficient way to dry out and store the logs, but they look aesthetic too. It makes them an ideal addition to any garden space. Our all garden log stores are well-designed to be the ideal solution for keeping logs protected and tidy from outside elements.

Suitable for Different Budgets

If you store logs for firewood or looking for online compost, whether for outdoor firepit or indoor use, it is vital to ensure they are stored accurately. Plus, these are suitable for various budgets.

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