Pizza Pellets

Wood Pellet for Pizza Oven

Our premium quality pizza pellets are manufactured in the UK using 100-percent virgin timber with no fillers and binders. Plus, it's dried to below 10 percent moisture and leaves negligible amounts of ash behind. Hence, these are very easy to light.

Our BBQ pellets are 100 percent natural for a clean burn. These smoking wood chunks are easy-to-burn, odourless, and low in smoke. So, these are easily compatible with pellet grills, fired pizza ovens, and even wood pellet pizza ovens.

These pellets are also great to infuse your food with authentic smokey flavour.  These are used as smoking pellets or grill pellets while offering long-lasting burns with very less maintenance. We source our high-quality cooking pellets from European forests.

100% sustainable and produced in the UK, our smoking wood chunks are manufactured following strict specifications to help you keep all the delicious flavours while cooking food more quickly and effectively. Hence, these are the best option for any outdoor chef. So, check out our website to explore the best pizza pellets.

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