King Guru offers superior quality RUF Briquettes that are hydraulically pressed for creating very dry, highly dense, and long-lasting logs. It is ideal for instant use in open fires, chimneys, and multi-fuel stoves. 

Unlike other firewood logs made from less heat unless all moisture evaporates, these superior-quality wood briquettes release instant heat due to lesser moisture content (below 10 percent).

Furthermore, our premium briquettes are UK government stamped and WoodSure Ready-to-Burn certified, ensuring standard quality. 

Key Aspects of Our Superior Briquettes:

  • Our top-quality briquettes consist of biomass. It makes them a preferred choice for various sustainable fire devices, like stoves. 
  • Keeping our briquettes and fire starting logs dry and clean is easier than traditional wood due to their highly consistent weights and wider range of sizes. 
  • The dense, compact structure of the briquettes produces superior quality flame and fire if maintained well. 

Free From Chemicals or Adhesives

The best thing about our fire briquettes is that they are 100 percent ecological, without any chemicals, glues, or adhesives. Our products are well-suited for long-burning fireplaces and stoves. 


Our premium 100% Birch briquettes 12 pack is easy to transport and store. Since our briquettes are brick-shaped, it is easier to stack them and use them in any fire-burning device. 

Extensive Range Of Wood Briquettes

Here at King Guru, we have a wide range of briquettes for sale. It offers a neat and cost-effective substitute to the kiln or seasoned logs. Our eco-log briquettes or compressed bio-wood are mechanically pressed and referred to as heat logs. These are clean and highly efficient sustainable sources of energy. 

Check out our range of briquettes and find the right product for your fireplace, fire pit, or stove.

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