Best Charcoal BBQ in UK

King Guru offers you premium quality Monolith Kamado barbecues. These barbecues come with Monolith grills made of ceramics, high-quality stainless steel, and a distinctive design. Besides their excellent design and features, these are highly energy-efficient and ideal for an extensive range of cooking techniques. 

It means that Monolith BBQ is a complete outdoor kitchen to let you grill, bake, smoke, roast, and sear - all in one device. You can use Monolith as a pizza oven, or a smoker, and even place a fire plate on it for heating the wok or use it as a plancha. 

Some amazing features of these BBQ outdoor grilling systems are a wood chip feed system, a lid thermometer, and bamboo side tables. Hence, you have a complete outdoor kitchen for preparing various types of smoked meals for your family and friends.

Like our Solo Stove bonfire UK, our BBQ grills are available in various sizes with a wide range of accessories to choose from. You can even get it customised as per your needs.

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